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About me

Since 1984 I have been interested in big sport events. Watching the Olympic Games in Los Angeles I realized that these events made a difference. I started to collect as much as I could about sportevents in general. In 1984 sources were scarce and information was hard to find, since there was no WWW. Through the Dutch Olympic committee I received my first Olympic book: the official report with all results of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

In the years after 1984 my collection books about sports (mainly Olympic Games) grew from 1 book to nearly 500 books, magazine's, newspapers, dvd's and other publications about sport. I also collected the results of the events, after I noticed that many sources only stated top 3 (or top 6) positions. My goal was- and is to cover the results as complete as possible (from first to last). Every competitor needs to be remembered!

The last years many events maintain good website, where the results (often realtime) can be found. But many of these websites dissappear after a while, along with the information. I am also still busy to digitalize older results or find old resultsbooks online.

My resultdatabase contains nearly 250.000 files with results and information. Often unique and nowhere to be found anymore.

Please contact me if you want learn more or want to contribute at: